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Evolution's Impact On Culture

Evolution: The Hidden Agenda

Religion provides a world view through which adherents to that religion understand and relate to the world they live in. That is what evolution does. It is a world-view through which believers in evolution understand and interact with other people and the world. It creates the framework for morals, ethics, personal relationships, behavior, and answering the major questions of life. That's religion... that's evolution.

Are evolution and the Bible compatible? The answer is no. Click here to watch our video.

In the Evolution: The Hidden Agenda video I mention that the debate has been won by Christians. Evolution has been scientifically proven to not have happened. This is even being reported in scientific papers and books put out by secular publishers. For example, Dr. Denis Noble, President of the, International Union of Physiological Sciences, recently wrote:

".... all the central assumptions of the Modern Synthesis (often also called Neo-Darwinism) have been disproved." - (Physiology Is Rocking The Foundations of Evolutionary Biology, p.1235)

In spite of extreme pressure to remain quiet, leading evolutionary scientists and thinkers, such as the late Lynn Margulis, John Sanfordand, and Francisco Ayala, have been taking the position that neo-Darwinism is dead. Plus several organizations, dedicated to research to find an alternative to evolution have come into existence recently.

What interesting is that some just refuse to accept the evidence, if that evidence contradicts evolution. For example, Dr. Mary Schweitzer is the leading scientist who has been involved in discovering soft tissue, red blood cells, and even proteins in dinosaur bones. These are materials that could not survive long periods of time, let alone the 65,000,000 million years since dinosaurs supposedly went extinct. Dr. schweitzer acknowledged that she:

"had one reviewer tell me that he didn't care what the data said; he knew that what I was finding wasn't possible. I wrote back and said, 'Well, what data would convince you?' And he said, "None."

(Note: the term "reviewer" refers to a scientist involved in the peer review process before a scientific paper is published.)

So the evidence doesn't matter for many believers in Darwinism. That isn't science.

Increasing number of scientists have said, in closed door meetings, that evolution is impossible, but they will not say this in public. Even though the evidence is overwhelming, the peer pressure to keep quiet about this inside secret about evolution is strong. If you publish a paper, or speak out against evolution, you risk losing grants, having your character maligned, and even losing your job. It is too, risky to speak the truth. That isn't science.

In an April 2015 article, Stephen J. Meyer summarizes the situation:

"Yet in technical books and scientific articles, many biologists and other scientists now doubt key tenets of contemporary Darwinian theory. In particular, many doubt the creative power of the mutation/natural mechanism. Indeed, while almost all scientists accept that natural selection can produce small-scale microevolutionary variations, many biologists doubt that natural selection and random mutations can generate the large-scale changes necessary to produce fundamentally new structures and forms of life."

For a look at this from a genetics perspective, go to: Evolution Is Impossible - Genetics

Notes From The Video Evolution: The Hidden Agenda

1. Some people are superior to others

Some mutations result in beneficial changes

Natural selection favors the superior groups

The superior eventually replace the inferior

That's the way it is. To not believe this is stupid.

Of course -- those who are superior have an obligation to take care of, and make the decisions for, those of us who are inferior.

2. Things keep changing for the better

Some DNA mutations result in beneficial changes.

This results in groups of superior people

Natural selection eventually eliminates the weak.

3. Life Has No Intrinsic Value

No Limit Sex

Abortion - over 90% of abortions are for convenience

Euthanasia - get rid of the useless eaters. Get rid of the

Involuntary Sterilization - Goes against principles of evolution, it takes away the right to do what we want, should we want a baby. It is better to kill unwanted or inferior babies. (Biblically involuntary sterilization, abortion, and infanticide are all wrong.)

4. There is no purpose to life

We are just chemicals. Life happened randomly. There is absolutely no reason for our existence.

Marriage is not important, children just get in the way.

No accountability.

Morality is whatever the majority says it is. The result is always might makes right. Those who have the power, make the rules.




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