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Evangelism Methods 101:

101 - Evangelism Methods

The Foundation

Lesson 1:
Eight Excuses For Not Sharing The Gospel

Lesson 2:
The One Thing You Can't Do In Heaven

Lesson 3:
Hell's Best Kept Secret

Lesson 4:
Gospel Tracts

Lesson 5:
Sharing Your Testimony

Lesson 6:
Evangelism Explosion

Lesson 7:
Would You Consider Yourself To Be A Good Person?

Lesson 8:
Using the Ten Commandments

Lesson 9:
The EvangeCube

Lesson 10:
Four Spiritual Laws

Lesson 11:
Lifestyle Evangelism

Lesson 12:
Share Without Fear

Lesson 13:
Sharing With A Homosexual

Lesson 14:
Sharing With Children

Lesson 15:
Open Air Preaching

Lesson 16:
Why We Share The Gospel

Final Lesson:
Practice What You Preach

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You Can Share The Gospel

Optional Session 2: Does The World Need You To Share The Gospel?

Why should you share the gospel with others?

Because God said to do it.

Should you become a missionary, taking the gospel to other countries and other cultures? We are all missionaries, we just have different gifts that take us to different places. What gift is required to take the gospel to another culture? The gift we all have... the gift of love.

"We love, because He first loved us." - 1 John 4:19

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What is a mission to another culture like? This is the story of the Mouk People of Papua New Guinea and how missionaries shared the gospel with them.

For centuries, the Mouk people had a hard way of life. Their ways were dark and difficult to understand. No one knew how the Mouk tribe would respond to the Gospel. Then some missionaries took it upon themselves to share the message of salvation with them. They give a chronological presentation of scripture: hell, man's fall, sin, righteousness and judgment. That way, when the missionaries started talking about grace at the cross, it made perfect sense to the Mouk people. The whole tribe gets saved and celebrates for 2 1/2 Hours.

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Does The World Need You To Share The Gospel?
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