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Evangelism Methods 101:

101 - Evangelism Methods

The Foundation

Lesson 1:
Eight Excuses For Not Sharing The Gospel

Lesson 2:
The One Thing You Can't Do In Heaven

Lesson 3:
Hell's Best Kept Secret

Lesson 4:
Gospel Tracts

Lesson 5:
Sharing Your Testimony

Lesson 6:
Evangelism Explosion

Lesson 7:
Would You Consider Yourself To Be A Good Person?

Lesson 8:
Using the Ten Commandments

Lesson 9:
The EvangeCube

Lesson 10:
Four Spiritual Laws

Lesson 11:
Lifestyle Evangelism

Lesson 12:
Share Without Fear

Lesson 13:
Sharing With A Homosexual

Lesson 14:
Sharing With Children

Lesson 15:
Open Air Preaching

Lesson 16:
Why We Share The Gospel

Final Lesson:
Practice What You Preach

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You Can Share The Gospel

Session 4: Gospel Tracts

Using gospel tracts is one of the easiest ways to witness.

When handing out gospel tracts, always say something. Saying something will make people more receptive to taking the tract. For example, the man on George street would say, "Excuse me sir. Are you saved? If you die tonight are you going to heaven?"

Ray Comfort, of Way of the Master, suggests offering someone a tract and saying, "Excuse me. Do you have one of these?"

Last May I was on Old Arbat Street in Moscow (Russia). I don't speak Russian, so my only option for witnessing was to hand out gospel tracts. I had noticed Russians attempting to hand out advertising flyers without much success. Few people would take them. So I tried something different. One of the few Russian words I know is the word for "good evening". As people walked by I'd smile at them, say "good evening" in Russian, and offer them a tract. Eight out of ten people took the tract. A smile and a pleasant word make a big difference!

Are gospel tracts an effective way of witnessing? Yes. In the video you heard how effective they can be. A survey of Christians showed that 51% of Christians said their first contact with the gospel was through a gospel tract.

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