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Before The Event - Or Upon Arrival Of A New Volunteer

Pray before starting. This can be done individually or in a group, depending on the event. So suggestions of what to pray for include:

  • Thank the Lord for the opportunity to share His good news.
  • Thank the Lord for providing a place that can be used to share the good news about Jesus Christ.
  • Thank the Lord for the resources and people He has provided.
  • Ask the Lord to open doors for the gospel to be shared.
  • Ask that people be receptive to receiving a gospel tract
  • Ask for wisdom and discernment in talking with people.
  • Ask the Lord to give us a loving heart and a humble attitude.
  • Ask the Lord to guide us in putting the needs of others first
  • And, of course, pray as you feel led by the Holy Spirit.

When someone new arrives, pray together.

Prayer NotebooksDuring The Event

Continue in prayer throughout the event.

When you see another person talking with someone, pray for them.

After you've spoken with someone, make a few prayer notes in the note pads that are provided.

  • The name of the person, if you know it. Otherwise write done a distiguishing characteristic. Such as "the guy wearing a red sweater." Or it could be "the woman I spoke with at 2:23 PM."

  • Anything you noticed that you feel needs prayer.

  • Anything that came up in the conversation that needs prayer.

There may be people with whom you don't speak, but you feel prayer is needed. It might be someone who rejects a gospel tract with a few "chosen words" thrown in. It might be someone who appears to be struggling, but who did not talk with you. Use one of the note pads to write down a distiguishing characteristic and your prayer request.

When writing prayer requests, please take you time and write clearly. If we can't read your handwriting, we won't be able to pray for those requests. Remember to give your note pad to your team leader before you leave.

Following The Event

As the event ends gather together to thank the Lord for what He has done that day; for the opportunties He has provided; and what you have seen Him do. Pray for any of the particularly urgent prayer requests fom people the team spoke with that day.

At the end of the event the team leader wiull collect the prayer note pads. The prayer requests will be sent out in the next weekly newsletter. Over 100 people receive the newsletter and are praying based on the prayer requests we send them.


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