Why is sin, which means to disobey God, so bad that it deserves punishment in hell for eternity?

God's Word (the Bible) tells us that in some respects God is like an artist. He is like a potter who creates pottery. (In the Bible see: Isaiah 29:16, 45:9, 64:8, Romans 9:21) If the potter makes a cracked pot, she throws it away. A cracked pot would misrepresent the skills of the potter. It would indicate the potter was not a good potter. So cracked and defective pots, because they do not accurately represent who the potter is, are destroyed. The potter can do this because she created the pots. She owns them. She can do what she wants with them.

We are created by God in God's image. God created us. He owns us. Because we are created in God's image we represent who God is to the universe. Just as a potter's excellent pots give glory to the potter, our purpose is to glorify God. If we do not accurately represent God, if we do not accurately reflect His perfection and love, we are misrepresenting God. Just as pots that do not glorify the potter are destroyed, when we do not glorify God the result is that we are headed for spiritual destruction or what we call hell.

The commands in the Bible that are called God's laws, such as the Ten Commandments, are actually a description of God's character. They describe who He is and who we should be if we are to accurately represent God. God has even put something inside of us that tells us when we are misrepresenting God. It is called our conscience.

When we break God's laws, we fall short of the perfection of God. We misrepresent the character of God and we thus earn the consequences… destruction of our spirit (hell). The only way hell can be avoided is if we can find someone, who has never disobeyed God, who will pay the penalty we owe in our place.

That person is Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ willingly died. He gave himself to die in your place, so that your penalty is paid and you may freely enter heaven, if you accept this free gift he is offering you.

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