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Sharing the Gospel - Overcoming Fear

Where To Get Evangelsm Tools

Learn To Share The Gospel - Recommended Books

Evangelism - Conquer Your FearConquer Your Fear, Share Your Faith - Kirk Cameron & Ray Comfort
(Learn to use the law - the Ten Commandments - so the grace of God makes sense.)

Share Jesus Without Fear- Bill Fay
(A way to share the gospel just by asking, "What does that mean?"

Hummus, Haircuts and Henna Parties - Fouad Masri
(Ideas for how to get into situations in which you can share the gospel.)

Questioning Evangelism - Rady Newman
(Using questions to share the gospel.)

World Religions In A Nutshell - Ray Comfort
(A brief overview of each of the world's major religions, and how to share the gospel with adherernts of each religion.)

The Unexpected Adventure - Lee Strbel and Mark Mittelberg
(Learn from short stories about evangelism experiences.)

Today's Gospel - Walter J. Chantry
(What is the true gospel? Are Christians explaining the gospel correctly?)

Evangelism - Good Person TractyGospel Tracts

Living Waters Publications (fun tracts) - See some of the tracts online.

Got Tracts (small, easy to carry tracts)


Videos That Share The Gospel

180 Movie (YouTube)
(This 33 minute video changes people's mind about abortion and presents the gospel.)

(The story about the bridge tender whose son gets caught in the gears that lower the bridge. A perfect picture of the Father and Son.)


Evangelism Tools

(Unfold the cube and tell the story about Jesus)

Amazing Truth Ministries
(Use illusions to get people's attention and share the gospel.)


Web Sites About Evangelism

Way Of The Master

Right Now


Learn To Share The Gospel - Videos

How To Share Your Testimony (YouTube)

George Street (scroll down to the lower part of the page)


Apologetics - Places To Get Answers


Genesis and Creation


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