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Cartoon Good Person TractGospel Tracts

Good Person Cartoon Tract (Spanish)

A Simple, Complete Presentation Of The Gospel

This tract is a good all-around gospel tract. It can be be used as an ice breaker, as a quick way to share, as a memory aid in sharing the gospel, and as a take-away tract.

We have this tract available in a number of languages, and typically have copies available in our booth in English, Spanish and Russian.

English and Spanish - Notice The Different

Be careful to not give the Spanish language version to an English only speaker. They are very similar. Notice that the words at the top of tract are larger in English than they are in Spanish. Look for the large, red word "GOOD" at the top when you want to hand out the English version of this tract.

What's In This Tract?

The following shows the content of the Spanish version of this tract:

Spanish Good Person Tract

Spanish Good Person Test

Spanish Good Person Tract 3

Spanish Good Person Tract 4

Spanish Good Person Tract Back Cover

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