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Gospel Tracts

The following are links to information about some of the tracts we use. You'll be able to read the tract and familiarize yourself with what it says.

Gospel TractsMillion Dollar Bill (English)

Million Dollar Bill (Spanish)

Small Booklet Blue Good Person Tract (English)

Small Booklet Blue Good Person Tract (Spanish)

Comic Book Good Person Tract (English)

Comic Book Good Person Tract (Spanish)

Curved Optical Illusion (English)

Curved Optical Illusion (Spanish)

Hey Kids! (Small Booklet)

Intelligence Test (a simple riddle)

Ten Commandments Coin

COEXIST / Religion Kills (business card size tracts)

The purpose of these pages is to give you a opportunity to become familiar with some of the gospel tracts we use. Each page has the complete text found on the tract.

The video below is called "George Street." It tells a true story showing how effective gospel tracts can be.

George Street Video

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