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Using the optical illusionGospel Tracts

Optical Illusion Tract (English)

A Good Tract For Adults, Teens and Children

This tract has two parts. One is red and one is blue. Each is curved. Hold the two parts next to each other, holding them from the bottom. Then ask, "Which is larger, the red or blue'

Try it yourself. What do you think? Which is larger, the red or the blue?


They are the same size. (All four of the above are the same size.) When you place the long edge of one tract next to the short edge of the other, then one appears to be larger than the other. But, it's just an optical illusion. They are exactly the same size.

After you ask "Which is larger?" and get an answer, then switch the red and blue and ask again, "Are you sure? Which is larger?" It will appear as though the smaller became larger and the larger has become smaller. People will be amazed. Show them that the two are the same size and then offer to give the two pieces to them. They will be getting a gospel tract.

Then use what has happened as a conversation starter to talk about the gospel. For exanple, you could say, "This shows that we can't trust our own senses to reveal the truth. We need a trustworthy source of truth such as the Bible. Do you know what the Bible says about who goes to heaven and who goes to hell?"

This tract is available in English and Spanish.

The English version is red and blue. The Spanish version is red and green. They are very similar. Be sure to not give a Spanish version to an English only speaker. Also be sure to not give an Spanish red card and an English blue card to someone. The best way to tell them apart is to look at the language printed on the back.

The following shows what is on the back.

Back of curved illusion tract

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