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Evangelism Methods 101:

101 - Evangelism Methods

The Foundation

Lesson 1:
Eight Excuses For Not Sharing The Gospel

Lesson 2:
The One Thing You Can't Do In Heaven

Lesson 3:
Hell's Best Kept Secret

Lesson 4:
Gospel Tracts

Lesson 5:
Sharing Your Testimony

Lesson 6:
Evangelism Explosion

Lesson 7:
Would You Consider Yourself To Be A Good Person?

Lesson 8:
Using the Ten Commandments

Lesson 9:
The EvangeCube

Lesson 10:
Four Spiritual Laws

Lesson 11:
Lifestyle Evangelism

Lesson 12:
Share Without Fear

Lesson 13:
Sharing With A Homosexual

Lesson 14:
Sharing With Children

Lesson 15:
Open Air Preaching

Lesson 16:
Why We Share The Gospel

Final Lesson:
Practice What You Preach

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You Can Share The Gospel

Session 12: Share Without Fear

"Share Without Fear" is a method of sharing the gospel developed by William Fay. It has two basic parts. Getting a conversation about spiral things started and sharing the gospel in a non-confrontation manner.

The greatest obstacle to sharing the gospel is fear. This is true no matter what approach you use. We don't share because we are afraid.

Most people have no problem talking about their kids, sports, their work and hobbies. But when it comes to sharing the gospel they choke up. The difficulty often comes because we can not find a comfortable way to swing the conversation to spiritual topics. This method shows you how to do that.

The easiest way to start a spiritual conversation, or turn a conversation to the spiral, is to ask the person you are talking with a question about themselves. Such questions as:

To you, who is Jesus?

Do you have any kind of spiritual beliefs?

What do you think happens after you die?

I spent three days on the streets of a Russian city asking everyone I could this last question. A few people were on a schedule and couldn't stop to talk, but I'd guess about 9 out of 10 wanted to talk about what would happen after they died. I had some enjoyable and interesting conversations, was able to share the gospel with everyone. Six months later, I'm still corresponding with some of the people I met and I consider them as my friends.

The second step is to present the gospel... but you don't have to memorize or say anything. Just let God's word speak.

What you do is to ask the person to read aloud a series of Bible verses, and then ask them, "What does this say to you?" Then listen to what they say. If their answer demonstrates they understand what scripture says, move on to the next verse. If they do not understand what scripture says, ask them to read the verse again. The verses are:

Romans 3:23 - "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God."

Romans 6:23 - "The wages of sin is death."

John 3:3 - You must be born again. (This is the one exception. Instead of asking what this verse means, ask, "Why did Jesus come to die?"

John 14:6 - "I am the way."

Romans 10:9-11 - If you confess with your mouth, you will be saved.

2 Corinthians 5:15 - "No longer live for themselves."

Mark verses in your Bible.Revelation 3:20 - Jesus is standing at the door and knocking.

You don't need to memorize the verses. You can mark the verses in your Bible so they are easy to find. Put a tab on the page with Romans 3:23. Then next to Romans 3:23, and each of the following verses, right the next verse you need to have the person read. (As shown here).

Once someone has gone through all the verses, and has shown they understand what they have read, there are five closing questions:

  1. Are you a sinner?
  2. Do you want forgiveness for your sins? (repentance)
  3. Do you believe Jesus died on the cross for you and rose again?
  4. Are you willing to surrender your life to Christ?
  5. Are you ready to invite Jesus into your heart and into your life?

Then be silent and pray.

These five closing questions are taken, word-for-word from the "Share Jesus Without Fear" New Testament. I have a problem with the last question. The Bible never tells us to ask Jesus into our heart. To be saved we must believe in Jesus Christ as our savior. We must trust that Jesus Christ died to pay the penalty we owe for disobeying God.

I suggest changing the fifth question to: Do you believe Jesus died to pay your penalty for disobeying God, and that He paid that penalty in full?

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