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Sharing The Gospel At Parades

Sharing With People After The Parade

Just because the parade ends, that does not mean sharing the gospel ends.

Evangelism After A ParadeAs the end of the parade goes by people will pick up their blankets and folding chairs, and head for their cars. As they walk by you can continue to hand out tracts and share the gospel.

Some people head for parks to find benches to sit on while they wait out the rush of people leaving. These are great people to start conversations with.

If there is a festival associated with the parade, people will be streaming into the festival. A spot near the entrance to the festival is a good place to hand out tracts.

You can also share the gospel inside the festival. Generally you cannot hand out tracts in the vendor area of a festival. But, I've never had a problem handing out tracts and talking with people in the carnival area of a festival or fair.


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