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Sharing The Gospel At Parades

Sharing With People Waiting To Watch The Parade

This is the best time for evangelism at a parade. People are waiting around... just waiting. Some are busy watching kids or talking with friends. But many are just killing time. There have been parades at which I've had so many conversations that I never got out of the block I started in. At others I've walked a mile or more, handing out tracts but not having a conversation.

Evangelism At ParadesFor large parades you can start an hour, sometimes two hours before the parade starts. For small parades starting about a half hour before the parade starts works well.

Walk the parade route offering people a gospel tract. Generally you may walk in the street along the side of the road. If there is still traffic on the street, use the sidewalk.

If someone gives a tract back to you, smile and say, "Thank you" and move on to the next person.

If several people do not accept tracts it is sometimes good to skip 10 or 20 people. When people see others not accepting something, they tend to also not take it.

Use the tract as an icebreaker to start a conversation. Look for ways to talk about the gospel. For example:

The 100 dollar tract at paradesA) Some people will say, "What's this?" That's your opportunity to say, "It's a gospel message about what happens after you die. Do you ever think about that?"

B) If you are handing out a million dollar bill, people frequently "woo-hoo!" or celebrate when they get one. That's an opening to say, "Yeh! That's something to celebrate. But the message on the back is more important. It has the million dollar question, which is, 'What happens after you die?' Do you ever think about that?"

C) You can also go for handing out as many tracts as you can. Each tract puts the gospel into the hands of another person. I find that one person can hand out 1000 (or more) tracts at a reasonably large size parade.

D) If you offer a million dollar bill to someone and they refuse, you can then pull out a 100 dollar bill (it's much larger) and say something like, "You look like a big money guy. How about a hundred dollar bill?" 8 out of 10 will take the "larger" hundred dollar bill.

When the parade reaches you, you don't need to stop. (read more).


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