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Evangelism Booth

What's With The Dinosaur Tracks?

Evangelism Booth - Dinosaur TracksOne of the ways we attract people to the booth is by using dinosaur tracks.. It's unusual, and having the opportunity to touch a dinosaur track results in people stopping at our booth instead of walking by.

This gives us the opportunity, at a minimum, to offer them a gospel tract... and almost everyone who stops to see the dinosaur tracks takes a million dollar bill.

The dinosaur tracks seem to work particular well at attracting families, kids and young teens.

What do you say when someone stops and asks about the dinosaur tracks?

Touching Dinosaur TracksYes, the tracks are real.

You can say, "I'm sorry, but I'm not the person who knows about the dinosaur tracks. They are real and you can touch them, if you like."

Then offer them a million dollar bill. Maybe say, "Everyone who touches the dinosaur tracks gets a million dollar bill." Then hand a million dollar bill gospel tract to everyone.

What type of dinosaur made the tracks?

These were made by a raptor type of dinosaur. Raptors are the vicious, mean dinosaurs in the movie Jurassic park.

Where did these dinosaur tracks come from?

Dinosaur tracksThese tracks came from Massachusetts.

How big was the dinosaur?

Measuring from the heel to the tip of the longest toe, an inch of the length of the dinosaur track is about a foot in height for the dinosaur. A track that is six inches long was made by a dinosaur that was about six feet tall.

How do you get from dinosaurs to the subject of the gospel?

After you've talked briefly about the dinosaur tracks, then it is time to bring up the gospel.

A. One approach is to offer them a million dollar bill and use that as the transition. Say something like, "Would you like this million dollar bill? It has the million dollar question on the back. Have you ever thought about what happens after you die?"

B. Or you can be straight up about it, and say something like: "Do you know why we have these dinosaur tracks here? They are to get you to stop so I can ask you a question. Would you like to know what the question is?" (The question is, what do you think happens after you die?)

Most people will look puzzled, they'll look around the booth, and then say, "Sure."

C. You can ask, "What happened to the dinosaurs?" The response you'll get is, "They died out millions of years ago." Then ask, "Do you ever think about what happens after you die?"

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