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Evangelism Booth

Using Gospel Tracts

There are four basic ways to use gospel tracts:

Evangelism BoothIce Breaker - to get people's attention and start a conversation

Quick Way To Share - giving people a tract is giving them the gospel. If you can't talk with someone, make sure they at least leave with a tract.

Memory Aid - to help you present the gospel.

Take Away - a tract is something to give a person to help them remember what you discussed with them, or that answers some of their questions.

Ice Breaker Tract

Our favorite ice breaker tract is the million dollar bill. It looks real and has an excellent gospel presentation on the back. Most people are very willing to accept one of these. When other people see them, they often come to our booth and specifically ask for one.

Million Dollar BillA good way to offer one, in such away that the person is inclined to accept it, is hold out the million dollar bill and ask, "Do you have one of these?"

If they ask, "What is it?" That's your opportunity to start a conversation about the gospel.

See and read the Million Dollar Bill (English) or Million Dollar Bill (Spanish).

Quick Way To Share

If someone stops at the booth, but is in a hurry, offer them a tract. The million dollar bill is good for this. If people don't have time, or are not willing to stop and talk, if you can give them the gospel on a tract that is still sharing the gospel with them.

Comic Book Good Person Tract Should you have the opportunity to give them the million dollar bill and a second tract, such as the Good Person comic book tract, that is even better.

Memory Aid

If you are not comfortable sharing the gospel you can use a tract to guide you in what to say. The "Good Person" comic book tract is excellent for this. Just read through the tract with the visitor, and ask them the questions the tract asks.

We also have the "Good Person Test" questionnaire which is designed to be read it to the visitor. While talking with someone, read through the tract with them, and mark the person's answers on the tract. When you are finished give the tract to the person.

See and read the Good Person cartoon tract (English) or Good Person cartoon tract (Spanish).

Take Away

When you have finished talking with someone it is a good idea to give them something to help them remember the conversation. The small, blue "Good Person" booklet tract is excellent for this. Also ask if they have a Bible. If not, give them a Bible or a copy of the Gospel of John.

See and read the blue Good Person Booklet Tract (English) or blue Good Person Booklet Tract (Spanish).

See other gospel tracts we use.

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