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Evangelism Booth

What should you bring?

Don't bring a lot of stuff. Space in the booth is limited. Also, we may not be able to secure items, so don't bring valuable items that can easily be stolen. We have never had a problem, but the potential is there.

Evangelism BoothOur booths typically will have two or three chairs, Bibles and and all of the evangelism materials we'll need.

Most times we have water available, but feel free to bring your own water.

If you'll be at the booth through lunch or dinner, feel free to bring food. When it is available, the food sold at events sometimes can be expensive. It is up to you whether you'd prefer to bring something to eat or purchase it at the event.

You may bring snacks, if you wish.

If it's a bright sunny day, should you bring sunglasses? Yes, that's okay but remember to take them off when talking with people.

Remember... bring your smile.

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