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Evangelism Booth

Prayer Team

The prayer team serving in a booth is there to pray for:

  • Those who are talking with visitors to the booth
  • Those who are visiting the booth
  • Those who walk by and just take a gospel tract, book or DVD.
  • Those who are walking by the booth without stopping
  • Those who do not know about the booth

When someone finishes talking with a visitor to the booth, someone from the prayer team should ask about the conversation and make notes about the following so we can continue to pray for them:

  • The name of the person(s)
  • Any concerns that need prayer
  • Anything in the conversation that needs prayer

If there is not an oportunity to speak with the booth volunteer who was involved in the conversation, a prayer team member should make notes on what they saw. For example, identify the visitor by what they looked like and note that they took a gospel tract. Or the note might say they spoke with "Dave" for ten minutes.

The prayer team notes will be used, following the event, to pray for people.

One note of caution. Prayer team members need to be aware that it is easy to spend time in fellowship with booth volunteers who are taking a break or waiting for booth visitors. The prayer team needs to be aware of what is happening at the front of the booth and in the area around the booth. Always be looking for opportunties to be praying.

Continuous prayer is exhausting. Be sure to take breaks so you can be refreshed and focused when praying.


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