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Evangelism Booth QR CodeEvangelism Booth

Our QR Code

What is a QR code?

A QR code is one of those funny symbols, similar to the one shown to the right, that you are seeing on products and in advertising. If you have a QR code app on your cell phone, you can point it at the QR code, click, and it takes you to a web site. The QR code to the right is one that has been set up for our booth. It takes people to a mobile phone friendly web site ( that has the Good Person Test and invites people to come to our booth.

Mobile Good Person TestCheck Out What Is On Our Mobile Web Site

Click here to see what is on the mobile phone web site. You can view the mobile web site on your computer. A mobile phone is not required.

A copy of the home page of the mobile web site is shown to the right.

Please take a few minutes to read through the mobile web site so you'll be familiar with the content. People who come to the booth may mention something they saw on their phone.

How Will QR Codes Be Used?

Imagine you are handing out tracts at a parade. You could be wearing a T-shirt with our QR code on it. People point and click on your T-shirt and they are at the web site inviting them to come to our booth. It's another great way to share the gospel!

QR codes can be printed on anything. Depending on our budget we may have them on T-shirts, posters, tracts and, of course, they will be on our booth. Someone walking by will be able to point their phone at the booth, click, and the web site will appear on their phone. It may appear as though they are taking a picture of the booth, but they are actually clicking on the QR code.

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