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Evangelism BoothEvangelism Booth

What should you wear?

Be neat, clean and comfortable. Wear modest casual dress that is appropriate for the weather and the event. Jeans are okay. In most cases shirts with collars should be worn. If you like colorful shirts like Hawaiian shirts, those are okay. People have fun at our booths, so dress to have fun.

Wear comfortable shoes!

Do not wear logo clothing such as shirts that promote products. Clothing supporting a sports team is okay, but don't overdo it.

Evangelism BoothIf the weather is cool, bring a jacket even if you do not think you'll need it.

It is okay to bring sunglasses, but remember to take them off when talking with people.

Do not wear anything that might distract people from the gospel message.

Personal Hygiene

Remember to take a shower and brush your teeth before coming to an event... and do not eat food that has garlic or onions.

We recommend not using fragrances such as perfume or after-shave. Some people are allergic to them or just do not like to smell them. Don't put any barriers between yourself and those who need to hear the gospel.

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